Lisa Chan

Tiny Pinecone, 

Traveling Teahouse and Bakeshop

The Jhentea Journey was a phenomenal experience! There is no better way to be introduced to the beauty of Taiwanese Oolong tea than by going straight to the source. Being taught by Taiwan's "National Treasure," Tea master, Fu Chen and her daughters, was like drinking from a fountain of knowledge, and that fountain of golden oolong runs deep...4 generations deep! It is honestly the best Oolong Tea I have tasted in my life, and watching the process and craftsmanship for making it has only increased my respect. During my time there, I was treated like family, and I left wishing they would adopt me. They are so generous with their knowledge and love!

Anna Kupel

Due East Tea Co.

Valencia and the Jhentea family went above and beyond our expectations. They found amazing lodging within our budget, and provided safe transportation and a very able translator for our first visit to Taiwan. We couldn't have been in better hands. Our tea tour hit the must-sees, but was tailored and personalized to our needs. We arrived as strangers, but left feeling like family.

Kenneth Cohen

Qigong Research & Practice Center: The Teachings of Kenneth Cohen 


I highly recommend this exquisite tour, an ideal introduction to the beauty of Taiwan and a direct link to the ancient culture. You will have in insider's view, as your hosts are not mere tour guides, but esteemed Tea Masters, sharing what they love. Tea is more than tea. In cup of fine tea, you can sense the beauty of misty mountains, fragrant wildflowers, and the art of farmers who truly care for the land. You can feel the 茶氣, the life force, of the tea. You will leave the tour not only with a deeper understanding of tea, but with greater appreciation of life. Wishing you 一路平安 a peaceful journey and a great tea experience, Ken Cohen 高漢


Beijing, China


Jeff Mckean

Due East Tea Co.

Where to start? Our tour with Jhentea Journey went above and beyond anything I could have expected. Valencia was able to curate an itinerary for us that worked perfectly for the time we had and each day was planned to make sure we got the most out of our trip. She also took the hassle out of finding accommodations within our budget. For someone not familiar with the area or the language, this was a huge help, and the value we got for the money we spent was unreal!
If you're looking for tea tourism, Jhentea Journey really can't be beat. From the breathtaking tea terraces of Pinglin, to a biofarm tucked away in the forest, and even a couple family tea gardens, we were knee-deep in tea bushes everyday and drinking more than our fair share of the freshest, best quality oolong we've ever had.
Jhentea's motto is "Sip Pure" and it's clear they apply this same philosophy to their tours. What you get when you journey with them is nothing less than a rich infusion of Taiwan's natural beauty, and world class tea culture, in their purest forms. I look forward to many future visits and further journeys!


寫意咖啡 Hangzhou, China


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